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    Bona Mega Extra Matt 5L

    Multibuy Discount: £88.99 Each

    Bona Mega Extra Matt Lacquer is a single part, water-based polyurethane lacquer with the performance of a two part lacquer. Ideal for use in medium traffic areas such as schools, small shops, offices and homes, Bona Mega achieves a highly durable finish with subtle rich tones.

    With no mixing required, Bona Mega can be used straight from the bottle, making the application process much simpler than with a two part.

    Key information

    • Available in Gloss, Silkmatt, Matt, Extra Matt
    • One component crosslinking technology
    • Excellent flow and levelling
    • The finish has a very low gloss level which makes it look almost invisible and resemble natural wood
    • Proven track record, still unique after 28 million litres and 136 million m2 covered
    • Partly made of renewable resource EC1 classification NMP-free

    2 - 3 hours dry time.